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Best Pay Per Download sites for 2020

Welcome,! So today in this article we’re going to talk about one of the top Pay Per Download sites (PPD sites) and how we’re going to earn money with them. So basically, pay Per Download sites certainly are a great method to generate income online.

There are a large number of these sites to pick from and many aren’t so great. I’ve used some great ones and some bad ones in the past. In this article lets concentrate on the best PPD sites that pay consistently without a problem.

WHAT IS PPD (Pay Per Download)?

PPD Sites are short for pay per download and what I mean by that is when someone downloads your files that you already uploaded to one of PPD websites you will earn money through it and get paid by Pay Per Download sites

Type of pay per download (PPD sites)

There are two types PPD site the PPD sites (file hosting sites) earn money per download that make you download any file just by clicking on a captcha or skipping a simple ad, pays a very low amount of each download because it’s easy to download a file.

The second types of PPD sites, the ones that need to complete a survey in order to download the content and pays the highest amount because of the difficulties to complete the survey. But in this article, we are going to talk about the best pay per download with no survey


Here are the best Pay per download sites for 2020


#1 File-upload



Best PPD Sites Without Survey


File upload is one of the best pay per download sites so far and it is one of my personal favorites. Their payment is always on time, You can earn up to $7 for 1000 downloads these stats can go higher or lower depending on the countries that are downloading your content.

If you are looking for the best pay per download site to make money online and at the same time you don’t want to bother your traffic with annoying ads File upload is your best choice.

File upload has many payment options: Paypal, Perfect Money, WebMoney, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Neteller, Skrill, Payza, Payoneer, WesternUnion, MoneyGram, MoneyExpress, Visa Card, American Express Card and Amazon Gift Card… and other cryptocurrencies payments.

Minimum Payout: 1$

Refer program: 20%

Join File-Upload


#2 PPD Site

Finding a pay per download website that allows you to upload as many files as you want in any size is so hard. By using xfiles where you can share your files so easily, Xfiles are fonded by a well-known URL shortener ( and they are trusted by many users. you can use to earn money thanks to their higher CPM!

You are able to do that by registering in the website for free, and then you will have access to a simple and clean dashboard where you can track and control all your files, get your files’ statistics and check your daily earnings. One of the best features of this ppd site is that they have a 24/7 support team that is ready to help with any problem regarding links or payments, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Payment options: Paypal, Bitcoin, Payeer 

Minimum Payout: $5

Refer program: 30%




#3 Up-4ever



Best PPD Sites Without Survey

Up-4ever Pay Per Download sites the other twin of file-upload they share the same earn per download which is up to $7 for 1000, minimum payout but Up-4ever refer program offers 10% for anyone refer to users that register on your referral link

The site is identified by high credibility, fast payment and easy payment methods in all countries and also the value of profit per 1000 downloads is very suitable as well. Up-4ever has an app on Google Play to upload your files instantly.

Up-4ever payment options Accept: Paypal, Perfect Money, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neteller, Skrill, Payza, Payoneer …and other payment

Minimum Payout: 1$

Refer program: 10%

Join Up-4ever


#4 UploadOcean (SCAM ALERT)


Best PPD Sites Without Survey

UPLOADOCEAN pay per download sites offers a great opportunity for making the downloading file easier,  you will earn up to $21 for 1000 downloads but again depends on their location, for example, first-tier countries (United States, United Kingdom, Canada)  you get the idea, The minimum payment for the site is $ 10. There are many different payment methods such as Paypal, Bitcoin, and others.

UPLOADOCEAN payment options Accept:  Paypal BitCoins Payza Neteller WebMoney ZebPay Paytm Cash Mobikwik Money Freecharge Money Oxigen Wallet TransferWise Pockets Bank Transfer (INDIA)


Minimum Payout: 10$

Refer program: 10%




#5 Hulkload


Hulkload Pay Per Download sites

Best PPD Sites Without Survey

Another great pay per download sites it offers a profit for file sharing and is recognized by the fact that you can profit from uploading small files that start Its size only 1 byte and this is very cool so you can get thousands of downloads for small-sized files. The site offers prices starting from $4 per 1000 download of files of all sizes and this price is reduced in order Location of states.

The payment is made within 96 hours after payment is requested or every day 1 and 15 per month

The site pays through Bank, PayPal, Payza and WebMoney.

Minimum Payout: 5$


Join Hulk Load





Best PPD Sites Without Survey

The site is easy to handle with a simple design. The minimum payment is $1 through multiple payment methods they pay up to 6$ per 1000 download depending on the country, you can identify the prices for every country from the site payment options Accept: Paypal, Bitcoin, Payoneer, Western Union…other payment

Minimum Payout: 1$

Refer program: 10%


Join File4


#7 DailyUploads



This is well-known pay per download sites when users profit from uploading files it offers a fantastic price list which is A world-famous site with a ranking of approximately 5000 its highest price of $16 per 1000 download to countries of the group A, B $4, C $2, While the lowest amount provided by the site is $1 per 1000 download.

The minimum withdrawal from the site is $20 and are paid within 7 days of the payment request,

Payment options are PayPal, Skrill, Payza, and WebMoney.

The site offers a 10% profit from the referral, which is added to your account and offers cash prizes to those who buy from it premium membership.

Join Daily Uploads




Best Pay Per Download sites with survey



#1 DollarUpload


DollarUpload Best Pay Per Download sites with survey

Best Pay Per Download sites with survey

DollarUpload offers PPI, PPI, content locking, It is the best pay per install and pay per download network. The features that distinguish DollarUpload from similar sites. Is that they combine all the profit techniques that we mentioned. So if you want to profit from all these means, you can only have DollarUpload to get to the minimum monthly profit threshold instead of making your total profit scatter in several locations.

Payment methods: PayPal / Payoneer / check / Bitcoin and several other
Minimum withdrawal of profits: $50


#2 CpaGrip (Earn up to $7 per download)


CpaGrip Best Pay Per Download sites with survey

Cpagrip is another great Pay Per Download sites with survey, to profit from cpa not only on the selection of display and promotion, but there are also tools and wonderful ways offered by CPAGrip networks to increase your profits and most importantly lock content and lock links where you can profit even if there are no good offers have high conversion rate and high EPC.

Where you provide the benefit of the visitor from a link or content to complete any offer available to its country which makes link locker more suitable for beginners to achieve significant profits from CPA. Link and content controls are other important features. You only focus on the content or on the link that you want to bring visitors without worrying about tracking and filtering the results.

Payment methods: PayPal / Payoneer / ACH transfer
Minimum withdrawal of profits: $50



As mentioned above, profit by uploading and sharing files has been working and has evolved a lot from recent years, so this benefit cannot be ignored and which anyone can eventually master.

On the other hand, it is normal to find that the price of download from the United States is greater than in Egypt, India for example, advertisers pay more on the views of American visitors and that’s how pay per download sites works.


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Best Pay Per Download sites 2020

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