How Automation Affects The Business and Jobs

   How automation affects the business and jobs

How automation affects the business and jobs:

Starting a successful business is a dream for many people in the world. Because the business will be the single most option to achieve their goal in the shortest period of time. Though starting a business has great advantages, you should know something that threatens the future of businesses i.e., the automation. In this article, let us see how automation is going to affect the business and job seekers in the future.


What is automation in business?

The automation of one or more processes in the business is called Business automation. It helps to improve productivity, cost-cutting, increase speed, ease management of the business.

Automation uses artificial intelligence (AI) which is considered powerful than Human intelligence. A single computer is capable of doing a job within minutes that needs multiple workers to complete. Automation increases the accuracy and at the same time saves labour cost.

Automating a business needs a lot of initial investments, but once things set according to the plan, it will revolutionize the business.

Although this cannot be applied in all the business, automation plays an important role in most of the next-gen businesses.


Understand the process of business automation:

To understand this process clearly, let us take an example. The eCommerce business is moving towards automation process. The largest eCommerce company in the world the Amazon planted the seed for full automation in the online shopping industry by introducing the Amazon prime air.

Previously, the online shopping industries were working in a semi-automation mode where a customer will use their website to browse products and order. Once ordered, the courier service will deliver the product to the specified address. The part of this process is automatically done by the computers which include product listing, processing payments & completing the order. The other part is done manually i.e. packing & product delivery is done by a person.

But, after the introduction of Amazon prime air, every step in online shopping is made automatic from ordering the product to delivering the product. Computers will process the orders, robots will pack the products and the drones will deliver the product. There needs no human assistance in any of these steps. This a good example to understand business automation.


How automation is going to affect the job seekers:

Job seekers are the primary victims of automation because automation is going to cause jobs of thousands of workers. The human labours and experts will be replaced by computers and robots.

The possible application of automation will vary based on the industry. Employees of IT industries, manufacturing sectors are going to get affected in large scale while the employees in service-based industries will still remain intact. Because the creation and production process can be fully automated while the service-based process needs human intelligence for reliable output.

Due to this reason the companies and industries will start to layoff for cutting labour costs. The current workers and the job seekers will face huge trouble of unemployment in the future. Searching for jobs online is made easier than ever but the ratio of hiring to the ratio of search keeps on getting unbalanced.

Companies are still hiring employees, but the filtering process is more intense than ever. Only the most skillful people are getting hired. So, if you’re a job seeker work on developing your skills and be unique. Only the best can stand out of the crowd.


The effects of automation on businesses:

The automation process not only affects the working people but also affects the business. The outsourcing businesses are the main victims of automation. The corporate companies and multinational companies sustain this drastic change because of the one who are working hard to automate their business.

The businesses which directly or indirectly depends on corporate companies will lose contracts & projects due to automation. Since the corporate companies are automating things with the help of computers, they don’t have to depend on small businesses for outsourcing projects.

When the companies lose contracts, they will run out of business which will again affect the employees and job seekers. The automation is going to be a nightmare for both businesses and workers. However, it’s the huge corporate companies which are going to control the entire world in the future.


How to overcome effect the automation:

It’s us, the humans who gave power to automation and we have to work sensibly to overcome the effects of automation.

Analyze and find the streams where the effect of automation is less. Like where the technology cannot be implemented in full scale.

Always remember that the local business of the geographic location will never go down. Examples of such business are tourism, hotels, business related to food products, medicine etc.

Working class people are advised to develop their skills in different streams to remain safe. If one thing misses, the other one will help to step up preventing chaos.


Hope, now you’re aware of automation and the steps to be prepared to face the effects of automation.


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