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Welcome,! In this article we will learn about the best URL shortener to earn money online and how we can earn from it. URL Shortener is one of the easy and profitable ways that does not require a great effort. Profit from Url shortener is one of the most common ways to earn from the internet as it has the advantage of being easy in dealing and ease of profit strategies, especially for beginners.

How to shorten links and earn money?

To earn from URL shortener sites, you should understand the mentality of prospective visitors and then publish links that they care about to bring in a lot of traffic. This will be converted to profit. You can withdraw it after reaching the minimum draw.

The way URL shortener sites work is based on fetching your own links from anywhere and then shortening them. You can publish them on your sites, forums facebook groups… If you do not have a source of visitors, you can join large Facebook groups and Google Plus

You spread your links in these groups using an interesting style – away from misinformation – and eventually, you do By placing the link, this ensures that you will not be banned from the group and benefit visitors from the link as well as profit yourself

To choose the best companies you need to put several factors to apply to the URL shortener sites

choosing the right URL shortener sites can be determined by these factors

-Web Design
-The site’s age
-Price of 1000 clicks in all countries.
-Minimum Payout
-Payment Dates

These factors are important but there are some sites that may abandon one of these factors and this does not diminish the company. But in this case, you need to look for payment proofs of these sites.


Best URL Shortener To Earn Money online 2019


# 1 Adshrink


Best URL Shortener To Earn Money online, is another great URL shortener to earn money online. It offers some of the highest CPM for every 1000 clicks. Adshrink will give you a profit rate between $1 to $6 for different regions, you can always check out the payout rates page.

The 99% of the URL shorteners on the web are but mere templates which are likely to crash after a year due to then lack of proper assistance. However, with you can count on a team that works every day to improve the system. In fact, you will notice features which are absent on other platforms and a customer service active 24/7.

The minimum withdraw is $10 for PayPal and you will get 20% of your referrals.


Join Adshrink



# 2


FC.LC is a another awesome URL Shortener to earn money online with a different style, it has some good CPM rates it varies from minimum 3.5$ and up to 10$. The minimum payout is $3, also you can withdraw your balance daily!

FC.LC has many payment options such as PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Bitcoin, and has the advantage of counting multiple views from the same visitor.

Payment Methods: PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Bitcoin

Referral commission: 25%


Join FC.LC



# 3 Vivads


Vivads url shortener

Vivads is one of the best URL shorteners to earn money online. The site is distinguished by a high click price of $15 for 1000 impressions and the lowest $5 for the Arab countries. Make sure to signup and check the payout rates page.

What I like about the site is the ease of dealing with the URL links, and there is no pop-up advertising that bothers the visitors which is great for you and your visitors. The referral program you will get 35% of each one sign up through your link.

The minimum withdraw is $2  for PayPal and Payeer and the rest $5

Payment options are: PayPal, Bitcoin, My Wallet, Neteller,Payeer


Join vivads



# 4 Getsurl

The site has high credibility and it calculates all traffic accurately unlike some other sites that deliberately manipulate traffic to increase profits and it is one of the best URL shorteners to earn money online.

Also, the site allows you to profit by referral your friends every person you invite to the site and register through your link you will get 10% of what is collected for life without reducing the amount of your profit ..You will get up to $10 per 1000 view.

Their payment option is Paypal, Western Union, Payoneer, Bitcoin and more.


Join getsurl




# 5 Cut-urls 


Cut-urls best URL shortener to earn money online

With Cut urls you can earn up to $8 they have great CPM and their referral program is %20. The payment methods are Amazon Gift Card, PTC, Payer. I also have received several payments with is site and I definitely recommend it.

There is only one downside of this website it has fewer payment options and PayPal is not even included, besides some delaying on the payment that can be up to 7 days. Other than that if you are looking for best URL shortener that can pay you though bitcoin then Cut urls is your option.


Join cut-urls




# 6


ally-review offers a profit rate between $1 to $10 for different regions. provides you with a basic account which is free when you register and the other with features. The minimum payment is $1 via PayPal, Payza, Skrill and $20 by Payoneer payment.






# 7 ouo



Ouo one of the best URL shortener to earn money, Ouo is another fastest-growing profit from URL shortener with amazing features and service to make money online.

Ouo offers a profit of up to $5 per 1000 views, the opposite of adfly which gives you a profit of $5 for every 10,000 views, and the minimum payment is $5 via PayPal and other payment methods are also available. Ouo make it on our list of best URL shortener to earn money online


Join Ouo




# 8 Linkshrink



Linkshrink pays $2 to $5 and the minimum payment is $5. It’s a good site to make money on brief short links. And you can profit through the referral system you can get a commission of 10% of your referral. It is a better and good site that pays good profit rates to shorten links and earn money.


Join Link shrinkJoin




# 9 Adfoc

Another great URL shortener with AdFoc You can earn a profit of $6.70 per 1000 views from your link only and place it on a blog or website, social media, forums, youtube, and more.

The minimum payment is $10 which is very high from most of the other sites and you can get a profit from the referral system. It is an American based company and gives very high-profit rates in the US and UK. So, if you have a good traffic, you will get paid very high prices and the payment method will be via PayPal or Bitcoin.


Join Adfoc




# 10 Adyou

Adyou is a pretty good site for URL shortener. You have to create your own account and take a special short address with your link, and you will get paid.

Adyou pays $1 to $3 per 1000 views for your link. You make money online without any skills just by sharing your short link. You can also earn profits from your referrals and offer ways to pay for several payment options including Paypal, Payoneer; Skrill, Payza..and many more.


Join Adyou



# 11 Adbilty

ability is great URL shortener to make money online the lowest return you can get from the site is $ 2 per 1000 the highest is $5 per 1000 views and you can withdraw your earnings when it reaches $1. their payments options are Paypal, Payza, Payeer, and Bitcoin.


Join Adbilty



# 12 Adfly

Adfly is one of best URL shortener to earn money because it is a reliable company that pay on time. You can get about $5 every 10,000 views via your URL.

The minimum payment is $5 which is a decent compared to other sites. The site is reliable and you can get paid by PayPal or Payoneer. Most people use ADFLY as they are an old and legal company, and trusted to shorten links and earn money that takes the best care of their clients.


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# 13 Shorte

Shorte is a site that gives you $2 per 1000 views for your URL link and the minimum payment is $5. If you are not satisfied with paying any much you can make money from the referral system will give you 20% on referrals. Shorte User-friendly Payment can be obtained securely via Paypal and Payoneer. Good URL shortener to make money on online.


Join Shorte



# 14 Linkbucks

Linkbucks another shorten URLs site to earn money. it is the number one competitor to It has a great rating. You can get $0.5 to $3 of short links. The minimum payment is $10. Linkbucks has paid more than $ 1.2 million.


Join Linkbucks



I hope I have been helpful to you. That’s all for best URL shortener to earn money online If you have any questions about the sites drop a comment and don’t hesitate to share your opinions with us.


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12 Best URL Shortener To Earn Money online 2019

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