Best PayPal Alternative For Freelancers and For Personal Use


PayPal is one of the best means of receiving and sending money through the Internet, whether for beginners or professionals, because of its ease of use and speed of conversion, which is prompt sometimes, in addition to the security and protection of this service.

In some countries, PayPal has barriers set by the authorities, and you can not use PayPal services like others in different countries such as Canada, USA, Australia …

So I would suggest the best Paypal alternative, but before that, you should try to create a PayPal account first and if it does not suit your need you can try one of these alternatives.


Here are some of the best PayPal alternative




Payoneer is the best choice for professionals as well as for marketers who want to get money from other countries. while companies use Payoneer as a payment method along with bank transfer and others, users can use this platform to receive payments from any part of the world and get Money in Different Ways.

it provides two different ways to use local bank transfer funds or global transfers.  Payoneer is the Best PayPal alternative as well as it’s Available in 200 countries and deals with 100 currencies

Payoneer features:

* Activation + $29.95 annual fee

* There is no fee to change the ATM number

* The possibility of shopping locally without restrictions and without any benefits where Free-Purchases

* Easily buy from the Internet – impossible to be denied from any site is a subsidiary of MasterCard International

* Card ceiling $5000 per day – means you buy it daily by $2500 – withdraw from the cashier per day $2500

* Follow up all remittances online without any delay – fast shipping compared with other cards



SkrillBest paypal alternative

Skrill is one of the most famous electronic banks in the world and it’s the Best PayPal alternative for its high indicators of remittances. Bank transfers also work well. The site gives you a MasterCard that operates in many markets around the world. Android and iPhone to carry out financial transactions via mobile phone.

Skrill deals with many profitable companies and sites with a variety of services, account activation of Skrill Bank is easy compared to other sites that impose a lot of complexity inactivating accounts.

Skrill features:

*  Ability to link the account in Skrill with bank cards such as Visa and MasterCard.

*  Ability to link your account to your bank account.

* You can activate the protection level in your Skrill account in 2 steps.

* No limits to funds sent and received.




Most of you do not know about this famous money transfer site created by Skype developers and supported by Richard Branson, you may find this site the best option for PayPal alternative, transactions for lower fees and taxes

You will not lose much Of money when you do those financial transactions. TransferWise supports many countries and currencies.

TransferWise features

* The site convert from a currency to currency and not directly

* Send to real international bank accounts operated by the local

* Supports sending to accounts and countries that appear on the site only

* Send to all European countries British, America, Canada, Asian countries: Malaysia China …

* The site is sought by investors and importers, especially with China, who do not accept PayPal

* The site is easy to use, good for a high degree of professionalism.



PayzaBest paypal alternative

Payza is also one of the most famous currency conversion sites.  You may have heard of payza before, it is similar to PayPal and is even better than in many cases.

Payza features:

* The site gives you a MasterCard which you can use to make money online or via ATM.

* Supports sending and receiving money using electronic currency.

* Supports personal and business accounts

* It’s on the Android platform through its own application.

* Registration is free of charge, with no monthly or annual fees.

* Works in more than 190 countries around the world.

You can create a personal account or a professional account according to your needs and requirements. The site has a great protection for accounts.




Webmoney is one of the most powerful and most used electronic banks. The bank is Russian nationality it was established in 1998.

You can trade a lot of transactions it is similar to PayPal site, but in a different way, it contains special services especially for the countries that are prohibited from Visa Card or Master Card. This type of electronic bank helps to buy and work without problems, In a variety of ways and supports most of the world, including the Middle East

WebMoney is preferred by most companies, such as Forex, marketing, and individuals, for a high-security system and low fees compared to other banks where the bank’s money is received without fees. The internal transfer fee is 8 cents 0.08, less than 1%.

Webmoney features:

* Massive safety
* lower costs compared to other electronic banks
* Acceptance of all countries




Frankly, these sites are one of the Best PayPal alternative. Each one has unique features that keep it away from PayPal.  I have used both Skill & Payza (still using them till now) but I have relied heavily on Payoneer and Paypal for their credibility and excellent service and they meet all my requirements.

Now it’s your turn, what would you choose as an alternative to PayPal?

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